Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life with Ivy

Just leaving the hospital with our newest addition!
My nurses... The hospital is so small the nurses work in both labor & delivery as well as postpartum/recovery. My nurses, Lisa and Judy were so kind and wonderful! They gave me such great attention and care, it definitely helped me feel better should an emergency arose.
Grace loved this position as well- way to go Daddy!
Our first morning at home with Ivy. I keep thinking Grace will wake up mad that Ivy is still here, but bless her little heart she has adored Ivy from the beginning. She asks for Ivy every morning and gives her TONS of kisses and talks "baby" talk to her. She is such a sweet sister and little helper to me. I am so grateful she loves her little sister.
Please take note of Brandon's dashing mustache. Looks fabulous on him doesn't it? If he wasn't my husband and I saw him around town, I would assume his name is Chester and is driving the creepy large van with no windows around the neighborhood. Thank goodness for razors.
My Mom came out for a full week! It was WONDERFUL! Having one baby was so easy I didn't think I needed any help when Ivy came....thank goodness Mom's know better! It was a blissful week for me and Grace! Mom cleaned, did laundry, made meals, played with Grace and of course adored our new baby- I was definitely spoiled to have her come.

I can't get enough of her delicious cheeks!
We have missed our fun camping trips and since it is way too freezing outside and Ivy is way too little to camp, Brandon decided we'de camp inside. It was very fun! Grace talked about it days before and after and continues to ask "when we gonna go camping again?".
We ordered pizza, made popcorn and smores, played Dora cards and watched Lion King.

My eye goes straight to the stache, so glad it is no longer in our lives. At least for now.
When Grace goes to her room for "rest time" she has a ritual of playing and reading for some time before climbing into bed. When I check on her, she is usually looking angelic nestled in her bed while her room looks like a bomb went off. Well this day I went to check on her and instead of playing with her toys she found some baby powder and decided to "write" and do "art". When I walked in she looked at me with the most guilty face and immediately said "I'm so sorry Mom". I couldn't do anything but laugh. You have to admit it does look fun, and where we live fun can be hard to come by.

This is just one of the areas/things covered in powder.