Thursday, October 8, 2009

lesson learned

Okay, so I just figured out when you write and post pictures he have do it so the last thing you want posted is first and vice versa, obviously this information would have been useful prior to me clicking on the post now button- sorry.

Grace is WAY too cute!

Megan in our ward made this darling blanket- yes she is an amazing seamstress. Normally I am not an animal print girl, but I think it is quite fitting for Grace, who is this pic is not looking so graceful.

How cute are these little booties; they went perfectly with her blessing dress.

Eating, sleeping, and pooping are exhausting!

Please note her dainty finger/hand position as this is quite common for our little princess.

Brandon discovered this as one of Grace's favorite positioins within the first or second week and also discovered Daddy's thumb, and only Daddy's thumb, is just as delicious and soothing as her pacifier.

This one is my favorite, I just love how "raw" it is and sweet my Gracie looks.

This is Grace's blessing dress. You can't see the whole thing in these pics but it is so pretty and girly and I just love it- Grace on the other hand was not a huge fan and I am sure she wanted to curse whoever decided tool would be excellent at "poofing" up dresses.

About a month ago a friend in ward (and great photographer), Holly, took these pictures of Grace for us! I think they are just way too cute and it has been so hard choosing which ones to frame. I must say it was a little more difficult than I thought to keep Grace happy during her first photo shoot, but it is my fault for waiting until she was 6 weeks- note for next baby get pictures done at 2 weeks when babies will sleep through anything!
So hello to the few dedicated friends and family members who have not given up on looking at our blog for updates and thank you for having faith that someday one of us will do something with this thing! To be honest, I have to admit this is the very first time I have posted anything and this is probably the most technical thing I have done when using the internet so I will proudly give myself a pat on the back. I do have to apologize however because this is my first posting I have no idea how it will turn out and what is supposed to look like, but in anycase I feel it is my duty as a mother of the cutest baby in the world to share pictures with everyone! Enjoy!