Monday, August 30, 2010


Is it normal for a mom to just want to play with their baby all day and stare at her when she sleeps because she is SO STINKING CUTE! Seriously sometimes I just can't even handle it and I have to immediately maul her with kisses!
On our family vacation Brittney took some awesome pictures for us- she is SO talented, if you want to see more of her stuff check out her blog she really is amazing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Grace!

Yes, it has been practically a year since either Brandon or I have blogged. It is absolute, we are terrible bloggers! Even with so many family and friends living out away from us I am still the worst at this. Anyway, I will not make any promises but I thought a quick update would be better than nothing- right?
Our baby Grace is no longer a baby- she is a toddler! She loves dogs, books, eating "big girl food", swimming and smiling at everyone she sees (particularly people of the male race).
Below are some fun pics of Grace on the big day enjoying her cake. She defintely ate way too much frosting and with the rest of her cake deciding it would be a fun sensory activity to smear it all over her body.
Enjoy and perhaps Brandon or I will post again someday soon, or not, we shall see!