Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brandon's First of many TWO WEEKS off of work!

Since Brandon has had his new job he has been in training and working 3 weeks straight or more at time. In August he completed all his training and was able to begin his regular schedule of working 2 weeks on and then having 2 weeks off!
So with our first of many 2 weeks all together we went to Idaho with my sister Marie and her family to visit my brother Duane. Their family is a blast and are all the best hosts! We had SO much fun!
Grace loved to pet and feed the horses. 

Grace spent hours exploring their awesome backyard including their waterfalls and stream.

We rode cruisers along the Boise river to down town Boise for dinner.

Sushi dinner- I crave sushi ALL the time now that is not very available where we live. Needless to say it was delicious and hit the spot!

After a few days staying at Duane's house, we drove to Tamarack and rented a cabin by the lake. It was gorgeous! Cousin Lauren painting Grace's nails- clearly she's having no fun at all.
Lake Cascade. The water was glass and we literally only saw one other boat their the entire day- it was heavenly!

Marie painted mine and Ivy's toes, so sweet of her to try and "girlify" us a bit.

Shortly after we returned from Idaho, Brandon had a few more days off, so we went camping! It was Ivy's first camping trip and was lots of fun. We went to Theodore Roosevelt National Park (only about 30 minutes away). It wasn't the beautiful pines that we are used to but still lots of fun.
Grace again was in heaven to be outside exploring all the plants, digging in the dirt and finding bugs. And no Connolly camping trip is complete without our head lamps; functional and just awesome.

Nature walk to the river.

Of course Grace had to get in, even though it was a little chilly!

I love these little girlies!!

So sweet and squishy! (Ivy and me- ha,ha)

Riggs Reunion July 2012

June 30th- July 7th we went to Park City for our Riggs Family Reunion and had a BLAST (as we always have with my huge and awesome family!) Here are just a few of the fun things we did...
Salt Lake Temple Square Visit

Wiffle Ball at the Park- please note this picture does not include everyone from our family! We went to the park a few times and played wiffle may think how sweet a fun, friendly game with the fam. Not the case, unless you have warmed up, stretched and are completely bringing your "A" game, you would be wise to sit on the sidelines than to endure my extremely competitive family's  cruel scutiny. Nonetheless, as always, it was a blast.

Instead of wiffle ball, Grace was in heaven finding "treasure" (aka grass, rocks, dirt, bugs and any other random thing she can find) with her other little cousins. This picture was probably the best smile out of 5 attempts!

Where our family began- Charl and Valorie Riggs 9 kids and 40 (I think) grandchildren later.

Olympic Park alpine slides.

Family hike

A day at the lake thanks to Duane and Clayton for bringing their boats.

Ivy loves her Grandma!

So many fun cousins to play with- Grace was so spoiled by them all!

Burgers and shakes

Relaxing at the park.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank heavens for springtime, sunshine, and most of all family!
Grandma Connolly came to visit for a few days and was so sweet to just hang-out and adore and spoil  our little darlings.
 Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
First tricycle. She should be doing wheelies in no time with an almost pro-biker for a Dad.

Ivy's blessing. Grandma & Grandpa Riggs came for the special occasion, and we are so blessed to have my sister and her family always nearby!

gray hair

I recently found my first gray hair (that I know of) the other day. I know I am 30 now and am definitely of age to get gray, but I am sure it the past year happenings that are to blame. Other than husband getting a new job in far away land, then commuting for 2 months (leaving daughter and I traumatized with each departure), us moving to far away and strange land of North Dakota, and experiencing crazy cold and winds (that can literally blow you off your feet), delivering a beautiful baby in a small town (with a doctor I have met twice), then hubby getting another job (still in the stange land)...what I think really brought the gray out in me was when Ivy got sick with RSV. I have worked with many parents whose kids are very sick and in the hospital for months at a time, and I knew it must be difficult for them, but I really had no idea just how difficult and heart wrentching it would be. Ivy was only hospitalized for 3 days, but the days felt like an eternity and my heart and body have never been so sick. How thankful I am for the Gospel, the Priesthood, and wonderful perspective the Plan of Salvation brings in times of trial. For all of the above, I feel like my gray hair is more than just a sign of age but a sign of experience and relief and comfort knowing that we have made it through, what to me feels like, "a lot".